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What is a pessary? And how can it help avoid surgery?

Aug 16th, 2019
Microneedling: What is It?

Though it may sound scary, microneedling is a great way to improve the tone and texture of your skin with a simple in-office treatment!

Aug 7th, 2019
What is Interstitial Cystitis?

Also know as Painful Bladder Syndrome, there are ways we can help ease your mind and discomfort with this chronic bladder condition.

Mar 8th, 2019
Botox or Juvederm?

With all the options available it may be confusing to figure out which type of injectable is right for you. We're here to help with that!

Mar 1st, 2019
Three for Me

Say goodbye to tired, dull skin and hello to a brighter, younger-looking you!

Feb 27th, 2019
The Latest in Laser Aesthetics in the Lehigh Valley

Welcome to Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center, the new local medical spa owned and operated by Dr. John W. Spurlock, M.D., situated in beautiful Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We offer the latest innovations in laser aesthetics!

Feb 15th, 2019