Silhouette Instalift: The In-office Alternative to the Traditional Face Lift

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Have you ever considered a traditional face lift but are worried about possible complications, recovery time, and the cost of invasive plastic surgery? If so, you're not alone. Many of our patients would love to improve the appearance of the sagging skin on their faces, but are reluctant to undergo major surgery. Thankfully, we now provide an alternative called The Silhouette InstaLift! 

As we age our skin begins to lose collagen and elasticity and, thanks to gravity, begins to sag. We end up with wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin below the jawline, which is not-so-lovingly referred to as "jowls". The Silhouette InstaLift provides a discreet, natural-looking lift while also stimulating collagen regrowth to create the appearance of fuller, plumper cheeks!

This procedure is performed in the office by Dr. Spurlock using a local anesthetic and requires only minimal down time. Using an absorbable suture to lift and reposition mid-face tissue, the patient sees results nearly instanteously. After the sutures are inserted, Dr. Spurlock will adjust the skin to the desired elevation using the bi-directional cones on the sutures to hold it in place. This is how the doctor will reposition the patient's face to have a more youthful appearance. 

We are so excited to be adding this great service to our menu and can't wait to help our patients achieving the younger, fresher look they desire without the risks and down time of a tradition face lift. As always, our consultations are complimentary so call our office today to schedule yours and be on your way to a younger-looking you! 

Katie Rymon Katie is the office manager for Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center and the Continence Management Institute. She has two small children and in her free time enjoys running, reading, and baking.

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