Laser Hair Removal Treatment Guidelines


Pre-Treatment Guidelines – Laser Hair Removal

  • Do not wax, tweeze, color, use depilatory creams or have electrolysis on the treatment area for at least four (4) weeks before and throughout the entire course of your treatments. Shaving and clipping is permitted as often as desired
  • Shave the treatment area the morning of your scheduled treatment, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Do not use any of the following products on the treated area three (3) days before or three (3) days after treatment: harsh exfoliating cleansers or scrubs, bleaching creams or retinoids (Retin-A).
  • Avoid direct prolonged sun exposure two (2) weeks before and two (2) weeks after treatment on the treated area.
  • If you must cancel your appointment, please give us at least 24-hour notice to avoid any late cancellation fees. This is due to a high demand for the treatment time.
  • There is no guarantee that laser hair removal will be completely effective on every individual.
  • Please inform the medical staff of all medications you are taking; some medications can make you photosensitive.
  • Please notify your provider of any history of Gold Therapy.
  • Please notify your provider of any metal plates, screws or rods in the treatment area.
  • Please notify your provider if you have a history of cold sores in the treatment area.
  • You are not a candidate if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on oral antibiotics.


Hair Removal Post- Treatment Guidelines

  • A mild sunburn-like sensation is expected. This usually lasts two to twenty-four hours (2-24) but can persist up to seventy-two (72) hours. Mild swelling and redness may accompany this, but it usually resolves within two to three (2-3) days.
  • Apply cooling to the treatment area for ten to fifteen (10-15) minutes every hour for the next four hours, as needed. An oral, over the counter anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen such as Advil) or an analgesic (acetaminophen such as Tylenol) may be taken to reduce discomfort. Use such medication according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Until redness has resolved, it is recommended to avoid the following:
    • Applying cosmetics to treated areas
    • Swimming, especially in pools with chemicals
    • Hot tubs, Jacuzzis, saunas.
    • Activities that cause excessive perspiration, or any activity that may rise core body temperature
    • Sun exposure or tanning to treated areas. Apply SPF 45 or greater sunscreen to prevent skin color damage.
    • Aggressive scrubbing and use of exfoliants on the treated area.
  • Bathe or shower as usual. Treated areas may be temperature sensitive.
  • Appearance of hair growth or stubble will continue for seven to thirty (7-30) days post-treatment. This is not new hair growth, but treated hair being expelled from the skin.
  • Hair that was in the resting phase (telogen) at the time of treatment may enter the active growing phase (anagen) in one to six (1-6) months, depending on body area. Follow up treatment may be needed.
  • If any darkening lesions occur, do not pick or pull at them or scarring may occur.

Possible Side Effects of Hair Removal:

  • Bruising, peeling, rash, lightening or darkening of skin color, ingrown hair, crusting, swelling, infection, and removal or lightening of freckles.
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