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Shaving, plucking, and waxing away unwanted hair is time-consuming and even painful. Permanently removing excess hair with laser hair removal treatments at Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center can take one task off your to-do list. Medical Director John W. Spurlock, MD, FACOG, and his team of expert aestheticians use the CynoSure® Icon™ laser to give you smoother, hair-free skin no matter your skin type or hair color. If you’re a man or woman in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, area who wants to throw away razors and depilatories forever, contact the center’s friendly and knowledgeable team to schedule a laser hair removal appointment. Book online or over the phone.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a noninvasive, permanent way of getting rid of unwanted hair on your face and body. At Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center, Dr. Spurlock and his team of expert aestheticians prefer the Icon laser for its ability to remove hair from almost every skin type, and to target hairs that other lasers miss.

How does laser hair removal work?

Your Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center practitioner adjusts the Icon laser and its exchangeable handpieces to target the pigment in your unwanted hairs. The laser’s heat damages the shaft of your hair so that it falls out. The energy also changes the structure of the hair follicle, so it can’t grow a new hair.

Your expert practitioner uses the Icon to remove unwanted hair on:

  • Upper lip
  • Face
  • Sideburns
  • Legs
  • Arms and armpits
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Abdomen

Depending on how many areas you want to treat, your practitioner may select different laser handpieces.

Does laser hair removal with the Icon laser hurt?

The Icon laser features an advanced contact cooling system that keeps your skin at a comfortable temperature. Your aesthetic expert also applies a numbing gel on the treatment area beforehand. When the laser zaps your hair, you feel a stinging or snapping sensation, equivalent to being hit with a rubber band.

Can I get laser hair removal if I have light or fine hairs?

Yes! When your hair has little to no pigment, your practitioner chooses the peak power setting for the MaxYs™ handpiece. It removes light, fine hairs that other lasers can’t target.

Can I get laser hair removal if I have dark or tanned skin?

If you have darker skin, the team at Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center uses the 1064 Nd:Yag laser handpiece. Your practitioner selects the MaxR™ laser handpiece if your skin is suntanned or in the medium to dark range. The MaxR is also the perfect choice for larger areas, such as the legs, chest, and back.

How long does laser hair removal take?

Each laser hair removal session lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. Your hair falls out over the next two to three weeks.

Lasers work best on hair that’s in its earliest stage of growth, so you need a series of about six treatments to eliminate most of your hair. The Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center team recommends touch-ups every six to 12 months.

To book your first laser hair removal treatment today, call the knowledgeable Allure Medical Spa and Laser Center team or use the online form.